“Les Secrètes”( 2007-2010) and “Christaldéhydes Absinthes” ( 2009-2011)


Florence D’elle writes pictures about women coming from all walks of life. All these women make up the different facets of what the artist refers to as the Universal Woman. Vestals, Goddesses, flowers just blooming, purple, insolent, disturbing, passionate, mystical, imaginary of melancholy, by offering themselves, these women are those who lead the dance and run the game. Transgressing conventions and placed in the centre of the work, they give life to their imagination and imagination of the artist.

The beauty is bold, irreverent, wild and violent, solid or ethereal.

Scenes of dreaming, erotic scenes, fantasies are quite happily unresolved mysteries and an imaginary projection of oneself…


« Re Birth » ( 2010-2014)

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"There is talk of paths in the Re Birth serie of Florence D'elle.

And indeed the plural paths. On the substance and form, those -ci draw a path at once aesthetic and intimate.

All-or almost-yet has already been "invented" or "shown" in terms of "naked" and particularly as regards the female nude.

If the starting point for the work of Florence D'elleit seems to be that of academicism and classicism, the gradual unveiling of his images sows doubt. Questioning emerges, the result of a shift in its vision, its about.

Of course, while discovering the first images of the series, we think a tribute to feminine beauty, a perfect female beauty, sacred, in this case a deep black. The body can match it to the canons of Greek sculpture and, haloed with a side light to those seized by the great painters of chiaroscuro, as Caravaggio and Titian.

Yet another thing to surreptitiously interferes in the discovery of this work. The artist engages us without our knowledge a detour to a crossroad where we realize that his portraits are much more complex than they appear, and the mastery with which they are illuminated, is perhaps be ultimately a superb stooges. While Florence's approach from it stopped there, it would already work in itself.

But this mastery of light and staging requires us to gradually realize that Florence D'elle it confronts us with a questioning of perfection, time, disappearance.

By highlighting the same way different bodies, young and sculptural or otherwise subject to the vagaries of time and accidents of life, it challenges us to the concept of beauty together on our own to the body. It rehabilitates with great humanity and an undeniable artistry which is little or not shown in the flood of pictures spilled daily by the media and advertising. The bodies are those over women round, forms less perfect, more generous. She joined in this the great masters of Flemish painting as Rubens, and also invites in this pantheon of older women on the body which life comes in its most real.

It is this sensitivity and the utmost sincerity that outcrop us in this "Re Birth" Florence D'elle it not only offers these models, but also to ourselves.


Olivier Bourgoin, Director of Révélateur  Agency, Paris


"The nude body is sincerity: honesty that everyone can have"

Jacinto Benavente